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Google Adwords

Creating, running, and maximizing your investments in Google. For our team of experienced marketers nothing is more exciting than creating a Google Adwords campaign from scratch for our client and watching it convert and drive pre-qualified leads to our client’s storefront or phone. That means easier sales, higher tickets, and spending more time doing what matters. 

What are Google Ads or Google PPC? Google pay per click or Google Adwords typically refers to the first 3 or 4 results on a google search they will say Ad: “Same Day Plumbing Repair Near You”. 

What makes a successful Google ads campaign? In depth keyword research; we need to find out what your competitors are bidding on and where we can do better to put you at the top. Using data and call tracking to make logical choices that will optimize your ads. A/B testing landing pages and your ad copy to ensure we are converting at progressively higher levels. Last but not least monitoring click fraud with Click Cease. We can’t waste our client’s ad budget on competitor’s clicks or bots. 

Why are Google Ads Important?

Google Ads will help your business show up in searches that you currently aren’t ranking possibly because that keyword has a specifically difficult ranking. Google Ads will put you at the top of list and fill in the holes for the SEO gaps. You can successfully use paid search ads for specific high ticket products or services or geographical location you want to work in. 

Will I see results with Google Ads?

We do offer a guarantee on our Google Adwords campaigns that create and manage. If you don’t see results you won’t pay for your first month with our company. After running hundreds of Google PPC campaigns for our clients and even for our company we have seen results. We use the above mention process on all of our clients campaigns because it works! Success will also be effected by the size of the budget for your industry, we will recommend a budget we believe we can produce results with after our keyword research and looking into the market we are targeting.  

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Become the authority figure in your industry and dominate your markets. Combining a high converting google ads campaign with strategic SEO plan is the exact formula used by the most successful service businesses for their digital marketing.
Search engine optimization may seem like the invisible service to most because it thrives in the illusive realm of Internet search ranking algorithms. However, to be successfully found by your online target audience, you must have the correct digital marketing strategy in place.
So, what the heck is SEO, and how do you know when you have it right? “SEO” is the your visibility gained from using a strong and targeted strategy and using proven methods to drive people to your website. You know you have it right when one day you could be completely invisible and the next day parts of you (your website) become visible and steadily increase. You website’s traffic of targeted users increases and you start getting calls with customers asking about very specific services. High dollar services that you love to provide. Not services that you wish weren’t ever created.
So how do you implement a strong SEO strategy? First, you must understand how to craft a website that will deliver an exceptional, user friendly experience along with a technically sound and operating system. Finding the right balance of content, site organization, backend structure, and off-site search engine marketing is the magic bullet to creating and utilizing a successful SEO campaign.
Having the right Digital Marketing Company on your side is crucial to the success of your website. Think about you aren’t just trying to rank your site on the top page of search engines. But you are also, trying pass up and stay above your competition. The higher your website ranks and the more mentions of your site seen online, you will have more potential visitors.

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GMB Optimization

Our talented staff can create, optimize, and manage your Google My Business Profile. Google My Business or Google Business Profile is nearly 50% of the ranking factors for local finder (google maps) and local organic ranking. Which means you cant have  successful digital marketing without GMB.

Google Business Profile is often overlooked by most companies for several reasons. You need to do posts, updates, and upload pictures regularly, along with receiving a consistent amount of reviews without having unusual spikes in reviews that Google may feel is irregular. Posting compelling content about the service you may provide or a delightful experience with a customer is only going to help your business convert visitors into clients.  People are 29% more likely to buy if a company has a google my business listing. With numbers like that why wouldn’t you maximize this free tool, you could increase your conversion just by having a listing. 

On top of optimizing your Google Business Profile and maximizing lead conversion through the features mentioned above; we can help fight spam in your service area. 

What is spam fighting? Spam fighting is a term digital marketers use for fake listings or listings that are keyword stuffing their titles or using fake addresses to create multiple Google Business Profiles that may out rank your honest profile. This is highly frowned upon by Google however; Google has so many listings to oversee its almost impossible for Google to catch them by itself. That’s why our company will have your back and protect your valuable rankings, once a fake listing is flagged it will be moved to Googles Verification process and your listing will move up accordingly. This is especially common for home service based business that travel to customer’s homes, instead of customers coming to your location.

Increase your website traffic and optimize ranking

In today's competitive market it will take a well planned SEO strategy to improve your website traffic and increase your ranking for your ideal services on Google. Have no fear, have no worry Surge Digital Marketing is here to help you dominate your market.

What is SEO? SEO is search engine optimization which is the key to ranking organically in the google search results. Depending on your search you may see 3 or 4  paid advertising spots or items if you are looking for a physical item to buy online. Below the paid advertising you will usually see local businesses in google maps or " Map Pack" if you are searching for a service offered by these local business they will pop up. Below the "local map pack" you will see either business websites (hopefully your own website) or business listing sites or blogs such as: yelp, facebook, houzz, bobvilla.

This is where SEO and Local SEO come into play everything from you Google Business Profile to listings and creative and helpful content on your website telling Google "Hey! I'm providing value to searchers, show them this page" 

The best digital marketing strategies will involve your company showing in all three mentioned locations: paid advertisement, google maps, and SERP's.  Once our team runs an audit on your current site we will be able to see what keywords your brand is already ranking for, what you aren't ranking for, and what we can improve.

Improvements may be: meta descriptions, titile tags, or site speed. Websites need to be technically sound while also being user friendly. Technical SEO can be pages not being indexed in Googles Free Tool Search Console properly or not at all. Images on your website not being compressed causing the wrong size images to take up too much room and lower site speed. We can put together an efficient SEO campaign at this point and present you with a solution.

SEO is just one of our results driven digital marketing services.

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Interested in PPC ads that actually convert into quality leads? Our strategic digital marketing will help your business show up in places you currently aren't ranking with your SEO.

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Turn your website into your best sales person. Lead sources for a local business should be thought of as multiple streams and rivers feeding into one large lake. That way if one stream or river is blocked off you will still have multiple lead sources flowing into your business. Whether a new competitor comes into the market with a huge budget for PPC, rankings were to drop, or direct mail didn't have any results you still have multiple advertising platforms to keep your business running.

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We offer various plans depending on our client's needs. Depending on what service(s) your business decides to go with we can provide multiple options for our various services. Such as web design and on-going SEO or Google Ads Campaigns and Google My Business Management.

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Our team is here to support your company's growth. Being as our company was founded by an established service provider in the home service and commercial facility service industry, we have a thorough understanding of what amazing customer service looks, feels, and sounds like. We will be their every step of the way while you're Surge Digital Marketing's valued client; from onboarding to monthly reports of how your google ads, website traffic / health, and Google Business Profile has been running.

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You'll never have to worry about our team maximizing our time on your site for deliverables. We operate on a proven results driven mentality here at Surge Digital Marketing. Throughout your time with our agency we will continuously work on-site and off-site improvements.

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We provides you with a fully managed functionality that results in faster revenue, more users, and the ability to serve your users more.

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We provides you with a full management functionality that results in faster revenue, more users, and the ability to serve your users more. See why our customers chose us.