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In the beginning stages of my first service company I learned the phrase over promised and undelivered. A total of 3 agencies all promised my small business an insane amount of customers and traffic. All three companies didn't deliver and the customers that did call into the business through our marketing dollars were highly unqualified, calling in about services we didn't even provide. So what was a small business owner to do, there's bills stacking up, a family depending on me to succeed, how can I get the phone ringing? i took or watched every certificate, class, work shop, live stream, round table and developed strategies for our small business to not only pay our bills but dominate the market. My little small business grew into a multi-million dollar service company in 3 years. During the growing phases of my company i helped numerous business come up with a strategy to dominate their market which led to the creation of Surge Digital Marketing. Now I'm here to help as many service based business as I can.

Bryan Reyna
Bryan Reyna