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Google PPC

Great for growing your business with high converting traffic. Once your website and google my business or business profile has been properly built and optimized it’s time to set up a powerful Google Adwords campaign to help you show up where you currently aren’t ranking for. This digital marketing service helps fill the voids you may have in your SEO. We have found huge success for home service digital marketing and digital marketing for the medical industries. 

Campaigns for the home service industry may be targeting emergency services offered by companies or geolocation pages such as “(city name) HVAC  repair near me”. Examples of campaigns built for the medical industry could be focusing around dental implants or emergency root canal near me. 

We typically use Google Adwords for lead generation, lead generation for high qualified searchers who are ready to buy and for you to service them. We find using Google Adwords for straight lead generation is the best use for you Google Ads budget and we can use the data we acquire to retarget your site visitors. 

Well, how are you going to bring my company highly qualified leads? Great question! Our company Surge Digital Marketing use the same process on every campaign…. because our process works! The first step in creating a successful campaign is keyword research our team uses various tools such as Google’s keyword planner, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, & Keywords Everywhere

Keyword research will give our team a good outlook on how we can must efficiently use the ad budget at hand to target high intent keywords (search terms or keywords with optimal buying intent). Words or phrases like “Same Day HVAC Repair” has a higher chance of being a high converting customer rather than “How to fix my thermostat?” Which would be great for organic searches; however, we do not want our client’s hard earned marketing dollars being spent on how-to terms. 

After keyword research our team will create a simple yet compelling landing page with strong call to action. The landing page may be the most important part of the process because a successful crafted landing page will show Google we have optimal message match leading to high quality scores. 

Moving on from landing page creation, we will create your ads targeting the keywords from the research phase and matching them with the appropriate landing page. Conversion tracking will be in place to show you the success of your campaign and so we can better optimize your campaign. Your google ads will be full optimized week after week with the continued data that we acquire from the ads.

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Google My Business/ Business Profile Management

We can manage your GMB or GBP listing to increase leads and maintain ranking. A completely free tool from Google that is always underutilized by businesses. Customers are looking for local businesses to support and to be loyal to; now let’s show them why they should choose you. And why you should choose Surge Digital Marketing to provide this digital marketing service for your business. A completely free marketing platform by Google that is highly underutilized. Google My Business + reviews from google my business equate for nearly half of the ranking formula for Local SEO!  

How will a Google Business Profile Management Service Help? 

Whether you are looking for website visitors or clients coming to your storefront or office, Google is the ultimate search tool. When someone searches for a product or service near them, relevant local businesses will display in search results and across the ads on the page. 

Your GBP list will let your audience know where, how to visit your business, and how well your business has done servicing other consumers just like them. Also, a large portion of Google search results is dominated by map listing. This is where GMB optimization services come into play. 

The Google Business Profile platform is crucial digital marketing service for any business.  As you can see below your Google Business Profile and Reviews make up a large portion of your ranking factors for local search.

Local Ranking Factors
Always needed
SEO & Content Creation

Local SEO is just one of our three core digital marketing services we provide. Rank for keywords that your competitors have overlooked and dominate your niche. Yes, you want to rank for your general category or keywords but don’t overlook long tailed keywords or phrases that hold so much revenue for your business.

For instance a garage door company should not just worry about “Garage Door Repair (Local City)” ticket value of $75-$500 they should be ranking for Frosted Glass Garage Door Near Me where the ticket value is $4000 + see the difference? Google favors user experience and part of user experience is how relevant your content is to searches. 

Helpful content such as: how to’s, list of best practices, what not to do. what to check for, when is the right time to call a (blank company or service provider). These would all be relevant to a large amount of searches for your ideal clients. We want to provide value to your prospective clients this will create trust and position your company as the authority figure in your industry.

We can also help repurpose videos your company may have already created and transcribe the videos into blog posts and add video on to the page. All platforms are turning more and more into video first platforms. This is a great way to maximize YouTube videos and help build face to virtual face trust! 

As you can see from the WHITESPARK Local Search Ranking Factors; links are another hugely important factor. That is why we provide link building in our SEO services because we know how important quality backlinks are to websites dominating in local search.

What is link building? 

Link building is a process where we get the high authority and appropriate websites to link to yours. It’s a practice done by many online businesses to boost their rankings in the SERPs. Links are a huge ranking signal to search engines. When done well, can signal that your website is reputable, trustworthy, and provide valuable content for users. Links come in many forms such as: guest posting on blogs and infographics. 

Why does my business need link building?

Without quality backlinks from high authority websites your website will struggle to rank. Think of link building as word of mouth advertising for your website, if three people you valued referred you to a business you would most likely call that company and do business with them. In link building if a high authority website is linking back to your Google will acknowledge this and base your ranking off of it. Also, when your business is linked to on other website, searchers will be tempted to click and land on your page of relevant context. SEO will continue to be one of the most sought after and invaluable digital marketing service every business needs.

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Digital Marketing Service
Google PPC
Capitalize with Google Adwords driving highly qualified leads through our signature ads process to your business. Surge Digital Marketing service's will places your business in front of your ideal prospective customer at the exact time they are looking for your product or service. Our results driven process provides one of the most cost effective and measurable forms of advertising for any business. Having just searched for your product or service they arrive at your custom made high converting landing page or site as pre-qualified leads not consumers just shopping around.. This increases the chances of the individual enquiring about your service or buying your product. Pay per click advertising offers true transparency allowing our company to measure the success of the campaign and for you to measure your return on your investment of this digital marketing service. Through our proven system of keyword research for your geographical areas and ideal client from our discovery call; we create a custom landing pages which helps our clients campaigns convert from 20-45% (good conversion rate being 10% or higher) this means you get the most out of you marketing dollars. We continually optimize campaigns throughout the month. Running A/B Tests on different aspects of your ads and pages to get to these high converting campaigns for Google PPC.
Mobile From Friendly Website

With Surge Digital Marketing you can have both mobile search optimized and great looking websites. 

A mobile-friendly website is one that is designed to work the exact same way across devices. This means that nothing changes or is unusable on a computer or mobile device. Features like navigation drop-downs are limited, as they can be difficult to use on mobile. Only subtle animation is used. 

The website will be the exact same across the board, without usability concerns regardless of the device on which it is being viewed. This very important for service based companies who’s ideal client will searching and calling off the same device. Such as emergency services for a residential or commercial building. Since site speed is a ranking factor for Google our team will always be looking for improvements on your website .

GMB Optimization & Management
Dominate on the Google Maps and Local 3 Pack. Back in 2019 a study showed 46% of google searches were looking for local information and services. Over 80% of users head to google first to find a local business to service their issue and almost a third of users search for local business once a week. These stats alone show why GMB or GBP is an essential digital marketing service.

According to White Spark’s 2021 survey for the top ranking factors of local search. One of the main factors in popping up at the top google maps and the first non paid advertising results on GOOGLE is… You Guessed It! Google Business Profile formally known as Google My Business had a total of 42% of the total importance of all ranking factors.  Reviews which are also attached to your highly important Google Business Profile had a total of 22% of importance. The craziest part is most business owners are too busy with running the business to have the time to utilize and optimize this free tool to its maximum ability or the importance of their Google My Business isn’t known. That’s why management and optimization of this provided feature is a staple in our digital marketing agency services.

Google stats provided by Go Globe

Frequently asked questions.

What Industries do you Provide Services for?
We currently work with restoration and remediation, remodeling, HVAC, garage doors, gates, commercial facility services, and dentists.
Is There a Free Trial?
We offer a 30 day guarantee on our google ads services. We are confident we will bring in qualified leads to your business. If we don't then you will only pay for ad spend.
Is there a long Contract?
While we do have multiple terms of length whether it be month to month or for a full year, each length will come with its own added benefits. Month to month you have the peace of mind to leave at any moment. Where as our longer term contracts come with significant pricing benefits for the length of term plus we do have our gurantee!
How long does it take to see Results?
Depending on which services we are providing for you our PPC clients have seen results next day all the way to 14 Days. Google Business Profile once optimized can bring in dozens of clients that are FREE! SEO is an ongoing battle to fight for the top positions on google and keep them!
Do I get free support?
Surge Digital Marketing will be right there with you through your entire marketing journey.
Which Digital marketing services are best for my Business?
This will greatly depend on your industry and what you want your company to improve on. For some businesses they may just want our company to focus on lead generation which would be mainly Google PPC advertising, while some companies may want to focus on local SEO. In most cases businesses will need a combination of both to really take over their market.